ponedjeljak, 9. kolovoza 2010.

Crematory (Swe) - Live In Rinkeby 1989.


Very rare material from the old school Swedish gods.

nedjelja, 18. srpnja 2010.

Execute (Swe) - Demo tracks 1982.


Very old but great Swedish traditional speed metal. The sound isn't so clear but the idea couldn't be more awesome.

ponedjeljak, 12. srpnja 2010.

Magus - Ruminations Of Debauchery EP 1992.


Unbelievable blend of slow doom with intense bursting death/grind, by this unique band that uses violins, violas and keyboards in its presentation. So filthy and grim. A must hear, one of the more original bands out there, but unfortunately disbanded after only six months, way in the early 90's. Truly obscure.

petak, 9. srpnja 2010.