ponedjeljak, 9. kolovoza 2010.

Crematory (Swe) - Live In Rinkeby 1989.


Very rare material from the old school Swedish gods.

nedjelja, 18. srpnja 2010.

Execute (Swe) - Demo tracks 1982.


Very old but great Swedish traditional speed metal. The sound isn't so clear but the idea couldn't be more awesome.

ponedjeljak, 12. srpnja 2010.

Magus - Ruminations Of Debauchery EP 1992.


Unbelievable blend of slow doom with intense bursting death/grind, by this unique band that uses violins, violas and keyboards in its presentation. So filthy and grim. A must hear, one of the more original bands out there, but unfortunately disbanded after only six months, way in the early 90's. Truly obscure.

petak, 9. srpnja 2010.

nedjelja, 4. srpnja 2010.

Thy Grief Eternal - ...On Blackened Wings EP (1992).


Aforementioned band while it had a different name through its phase, but with a hint of what was to become Electric Wizard. Still doomy death metal with a touch of stoner. Cult.

utorak, 29. lipnja 2010.

srijeda, 16. lipnja 2010.

Necronomicon (Ger) - Blind Destruction demo 1985.


Famous German thrash metal, with the second demo.

Supuration - Demo tracks '90-'92.


Excellent old school doom/death metal champions from France.

nedjelja, 13. lipnja 2010.

Dagon (Fra) - Bound To Mutation demo 1991.


Old school French death metal.

Demise - Live At Calabassas,Ca, On November 3rd., 1990.


Nothing is known about this band. I guess they're from US and play some kind of death/thrash metal or whatever. Can't find any info of them, yet this is a live recording from long ago. If anyone knows a bit more then please offer more description.

Excruciation - Noitaicurcxe demo1998.


Brazilian death metal/grindcore female trio.

subota, 15. svibnja 2010.

Cremation (Ger) - 2 songs of the demo 2000.


German death metal. No full demo just this. Decent material.

Corpse (Rus) - Demo and EP1992.


Old school death metal/grindcore pioneers from Russia. This post features 'Melodies of Necropsies' demo and an EP entitled 'Remebrance Of Cold Embodiments', both from 1992. Pretty obscure stuff.

četvrtak, 6. svibnja 2010.

subota, 1. svibnja 2010.

Sextodecimo - Demo 2003.


Sludgecore/Grind/Stoner Metal from United Kingdom. What a description!

srijeda, 28. travnja 2010.

petak, 23. travnja 2010.

Delirium (Hol) - Amputation demo 1989.


Old school death/doom from Holland.

Cianide - Funeral demo 1990.


Pioneers of U.S. death metal with their first demo. There's not much to say about it, a classic...

utorak, 20. travnja 2010.

Exterminance - Two tracks.


Two tracks by this old school beast are named 'Cemetery Sermon' and 'Thorns Of Insurrection'.

ponedjeljak, 19. travnja 2010.

Evoker (Hol) - Insurrection of doom - Demo 1988.


Extremely rare, ancient and forgotten piece from the beginnings of death/doom metal. Raw sounding evil gem from Holland.

Disemboweled Corpse - Black as the Coals of Hell 1994.


Inhuman deathmetal/grindcore from US.

četvrtak, 15. travnja 2010.

Stormcrow---Laudanum--split-ep 2009.


Nice split from two US bands being Stormcrow and Laudanum. One plays a blend of crust death metal and the other one a heavy sludge doom noise.

ponedjeljak, 12. travnja 2010.

Rottrevore - Fornication In Delirium EP 1992.


Very hard to find material from the monstrous Rottrevore. Short delivery but it catches the essence.

Putrid Mass- Crushing The Masses demo 1994.


Second demo from these old school American death metal maniacs that are very hard to come by. Thanks goes to a friend for its contribution. You know who you are! A rarity!

Toadliquor - The Ascension from Heaven single 1998.


Sludge doom from United States.

subota, 10. travnja 2010.


Sepsism - Demo '92
Malignancy - 'Rotten Seed' demo, Rehearsal Demo '96 and 'Ignorance Is Bliss' demo cassette '97
Pains Invention - 'Numb' demo
Decay Of Salvation - any material
Vulpecula (Pol) - 'Excremento Dysenteria' demo
Purge Cannister - anything

utorak, 6. travnja 2010.

ponedjeljak, 5. travnja 2010.

Deathrune - Remain Forever Entangled demo 1995.


Good old school New York death metal. This demo lacks a high quality of sound but that's what adds to the charm of it. It shows their own ideas at the time. Wrapped up in a prominent package.

utorak, 30. ožujka 2010.

Hellwitch - Rehearsal Demo 1989.


U.S. old timers Hellwitch with the rehearsal demo. Great underrated band from the same era as Death. Technical thrashy death is what you get here. Sound suffers a bit but it's still excellent. Extremely hard to find in today's time.

Rottrevore 1991- Copulation of the Virtuous and Vicious (EP 7'')


Old school death metal gods of United States with a hard to find release that reeks of putridity.

utorak, 2. ožujka 2010.

13 - Hollow EP 1993.


Awesome 2 song single from this great sludge doom female outfit. 'Bound' rules!!!

Pessimus - Prayer To Fire demo 1993.


Exotic sounding death metal from Lithuania. Some industrial touch in there and somewhat robotic voice.

subota, 27. veljače 2010.

Subject - Nihilstic Perspectives demo 1992.


Odd death metal from Hungary. More stranger is their second demo.

Winter (US) - Into Darkness 1990.


Extremely heavy oldschool death/doom giants.

petak, 26. veljače 2010.

Ominous Crucifix (Mex) - Relics Of A Dead Faith.


Third offering from my friend from Mexico. First impressions derived from hearing this black/death metal gem are great. It definitely deserves its place here at this blog. Thank you for your contribution!!! You know who you are bro. Probably your greatest work yet.

četvrtak, 25. veljače 2010.

Disembowelment - Deep Sensory Procession Into Aural Fate demo 1991.


Well known masters of grind influenced death doom metal from far Australia.
'A Burial At Ornans' is a song that stands out on this release and a great soundtrack for a fan of this kind of mayhem.