srijeda, 30. prosinca 2009.

Hesitation Wounds (Nor) - Inward Rotting mp3.

This has got to be the slowest and one of the heaviest doom bands around, that you'll ever hear. The ground cracks open under the weight of agonizing raw sludge bricks mixed with harsh noise. The vocals are rotten demonic growls that put you to death. This band is extremely hard to find but worth checking out cause it takes on funeral doom to an even slower level. Unfortunately there's only this one song at 15 minutes plus, but due to space in between, it seems to last forever. Amazing band that has no info other than the one found on web page. Truly massive stuff!! As of now these are my favorites.

13 - Wither Live Richmond VA 1993.mp3

Awesome well known sludge doom crew with a live version of their 'Wither' track.

utorak, 29. prosinca 2009.

Suffocation (US) - Live-Pennsauken NJ- 7-26-90.mp3

Rare instrumental only track, performed live in 1990.

''Crippled Sick and Starving''

Diabolicus (US) - Battle Beyond The Gates Live.mp3

Old school death/thrash metal from The States.

ponedjeljak, 28. prosinca 2009.

Malignity (Dnk) - Nosferatu

Live song performance by a Danish death metal group of the early 90's.

Hierophant (US) - Autumn Dusk EP.

Ultimate heavy funeral doom metal. Crushing and haunting.

četvrtak, 24. prosinca 2009.

Frogskin - Escargot Highway mp3.

Great rockin' song from Finland's sludgers. Excellent rhythm and filthy disgusting vocals. Super ear friendly.

Enchanter (US, Missouri).

Underground speed metal from U.S.A. Sadly no releases to be found online but here's a preview of four tracks that i got from a friend (thx my man!!).
Really overlooked evil sounding stuff from these guys that were formed way back in '83. Killer tracks!!

Funeral Hag - demo 2009.

Great sludge/stoner doom from United Kingdom. Really heavy, crushing music and screaming vocals emphasis.

Suffocation (US) - Dead Forever bootleg 1992.

Again an offering from the mighty Suffocation.

srijeda, 23. prosinca 2009.

Bands from U.S.A.


Excision - any of demos listed on MA
Unearthed - Sliced to shreds '92
Execration - The dead shall rise '92
Excretion - Excrements '92

Lorelorn - Night Of An Snowy Winter Day.

Occult raw black metal from Hungary. Second track rocks!
No cover art or additional info on this topic.

ponedjeljak, 21. prosinca 2009.

Shunt Incision (Cro).

Few tracks from this one man cybergrind sickness.

petak, 18. prosinca 2009.

Smokemind - Promo 2009.

A little something from me. My self invention of stonerish sludge/drone doom noise on extremely distorted filthy bass guitar. It contains 2 songs and it serves a purpose of promotional material of an underground, raw, inhuman music, not for the wider masses. Listen for yourself and decide how to categorize it.

utorak, 15. prosinca 2009.

Esophagus - Sleep Deprivation mp3.

Another obscure band or a project of unknown origin and insufficient data. Only one track delivery, but here you can expect some raw, filthy, i would say somewhat stonerish doom/black metal. Not something you'd expect in your everyday repertoire.

Endless Disease - Destroy Your Fucking Life.

An unknown but great black metal.
No info on the band origin or a photo cover of any kind.
Obscure, primitive, hateful and violent.

srijeda, 9. prosinca 2009.

Petrified (Fra) - Layers Of Despair 2000.

One of the greatest technical death metal releases from this French band.

Excoriate (US) - Dead Molestation demo 1992.

A single demo of this most awesome US brutal death metal act. Great shit.

nedjelja, 6. prosinca 2009.

Decomposed (NY) - demo 1992.

Excellent and ultra rare demo from New York's Decomposed. Dirty old school, raw US death metal, with bursting grinding parts and low grunts. Extremely hard to find and exclusive to this blog so far.

četvrtak, 3. prosinca 2009.

utorak, 1. prosinca 2009.

nedjelja, 29. studenoga 2009.

Coprophagist - Coprophagist demo 1990.

Old death/grind from Germany that incarnates that old school morbid sound and vocals. Very rare and obscure gem from far away past.

Suffocation (US) - Recrimination Of Sorrow bootleg 1992.

This band needs no introduction. Famous pioneers of US technical death metal, New York style. This is their live material from early 90's. Brutal stuff.

Distraught (Mex) - Into A Human Mass mp3.

Awesome death/grind from Mexico, valued only by a single track from a compilation issue. No full length found.

subota, 28. studenoga 2009.

subota, 21. studenoga 2009.

ponedjeljak, 16. studenoga 2009.

Rigor Sardonicous - Chorale mp3. (Skepticism cover).

Awesome funeral doom cover of Skepticism's 'Chorale', appearing on a tribute album Entering The Levitation.

Decrepit (USA; Illinois) - Cannibalistic Feast demo.

Brutal death/grind. Obscure demo with kick ass parts of shredding guitars and menacing vocals.

četvrtak, 12. studenoga 2009.

Depravity (Fin) - Demo 1991.

Old school Finnish death metal pioneers.

Lord Mortis - Advance Tape demo 1992.

Death metal/grindcore originating from Canada.

srijeda, 11. studenoga 2009.

Crowbar (The Slugs) - Slugs (Demo) 1990.

U.S. sludge metal oldies.

ponedjeljak, 9. studenoga 2009.

Disinter (Fin) - 1993 - Exitus Letalis (Demo)

Finland's death metal.

Incarnator (Nor) - Nordic Holocaust demo 1992.

Black metal done back in the day. Two songs on this thing but it gives you an idea of how good it sounded, especially the first track entitled Part 1. Absolutely powerful!!! Cult.

srijeda, 4. studenoga 2009.

Kabak - Reversion Genetica Epifenomena (Bonus Track) mp3.

Bonus track from the Descomposicion Cerebral album reissued in 2005. Sick deathgrind by the grinders of El Salvador.

Aproctous (USA).

3 tracks taken from a split with Plutocracy. Death metal/grindcore band from California.

Drama (Cro) - Demo 2006.

Brilliant sludgecore/doom metal from this Croatian act. One of the better in the bunch. Not many bands create this kind of music on the scene. They got my vote. Changed their name from Deadweight Loss. Nice job!!

nedjelja, 1. studenoga 2009.

Crematory (Swe) - Mortal Torment demo + live bonus

Eternal death metal from Sweden.
As in case of several other blogs that offer the same first demo consisted of a single track, i too have chosen this path supplementing it with a live performance of the same song from '89. Very raw sounding cult. Enjoy reviving the old school gods!!!

četvrtak, 29. listopada 2009.

Pains Invention - Enmity demo 1996.

Now here's an unconventional death metal representative from U.S. This demo unlike most other old school material holds something unique to it. Some deeper senses of inner recognition, deep emotions, and overall dark, heavy music entwined all together. Something very different to expect here.

utorak, 27. listopada 2009.

Mindrot - Demo 1990.

Great first demo by Mindrot. Old school doom/death metal from the States.

ponedjeljak, 26. listopada 2009.

Cruel Suffering - Rehearsal Demo 1999.

Raw funeral doom rehearsal from Russia. No artwork or additional info about the band. Check MA for some updates.

nedjelja, 25. listopada 2009.

Pathological Deformity - Infectious Psychosis mp3. deformity - infectious psychosis.mp3

I know nothing about this band but this is a track from their demo. Sick, chugging, slow and extremely heavy death/grind/gore with guttural vocals. i don't know what country are they from, no any info about them for that matter. Their full demo would come in handy. I personally like this type of grind, not that ultra fast stuff. Listen for yourself and see if you'll dig it too.

utorak, 20. listopada 2009.

Paineater - 2 tracks 2 tracks.rar

Awesome industrial sounding death/doom from U.S.A. A band with a history spanning back to the late eighties, made two demos and split up. More in the domain of death/grind genre early in its stages, here with a fresher influence from such acts as Godflesh. Killer stuff!! Will appeal to fans of that kind of taste.

nedjelja, 18. listopada 2009.

Morpheus Descends - Cairn Of Dumitru Sampler single 1994.

Awesome display of old school death metal by these fellows from the U.S.

srijeda, 14. listopada 2009.

Suffocation (Spain ) - Brutales nauseas [Demo] 1991 (Spain)-Brutales nauseas [Demo] 1991.rar

Old school death metal with grind influences, spewing a single demo of 1991., before changing name to Intoxication.

Stentorian - Spirited Light[Demo] - 1994 - Spirited Light[Demo] - 1994.rar

Their second demo and of good quality. Solid doom/death metal.

Grief - Depression 7'' (1992)

Excellent sludge doom metal by Grief on this 1992. EP.

Covered In Ashes 2002 - Grim Shadows (Demo)

A relatively new band in doom metal genre comes from The Netherlands and has put out only a single demo you see here. Expect death doom with a dose of occult and majestic feel to it.

nedjelja, 11. listopada 2009.

Pyogenesis - Sacrificious Profanity EP 1992.

A single from German old school death doom metal.

Enochian - Satanic Ceremony Demo [1995].

Very good blackened death metal on the Satanic Ceremony demo by Czech Enochian. This first demo sounds more death metal oriented than the following releases of otherwise black metal band.

četvrtak, 8. listopada 2009.

Unhallowed (Esp) - Something In My Inside demo 1994.

Spanish old school styled death metal.

Officium Triste - demo 1994.

Good first demo from Dutch death/doom metal crew.

utorak, 6. listopada 2009.

Gorplough - In Valle Tenebrarum demo 1995.

Doom/death metal from Spain.

nedjelja, 4. listopada 2009.

Mourning Beloveth - Debut demo.

First demo by Irish death doomsters. Good stuff.

petak, 2. listopada 2009.

Forgotten Sunrise - Forever Sleeping Greystones EP

Continuing with this next gem from Forgotten Sunrise.

Forgotten Sunrise - Behind The Abysmal Sky demo 1993.

Perfect atmospheric doom/death metal out of Estonia. It runs dark in your blood.

srijeda, 30. rujna 2009.

Mortuorio (Per) - Brutal Genocidio mp3. (1989.)

Old school death metal from Peru, with a track that seems to be from their 1989. demo. Raw, brutal underground execution. The stuff of history.