srijeda, 30. prosinca 2009.

Hesitation Wounds (Nor) - Inward Rotting mp3.

This has got to be the slowest and one of the heaviest doom bands around, that you'll ever hear. The ground cracks open under the weight of agonizing raw sludge bricks mixed with harsh noise. The vocals are rotten demonic growls that put you to death. This band is extremely hard to find but worth checking out cause it takes on funeral doom to an even slower level. Unfortunately there's only this one song at 15 minutes plus, but due to space in between, it seems to last forever. Amazing band that has no info other than the one found on web page. Truly massive stuff!! As of now these are my favorites.

13 - Wither Live Richmond VA 1993.mp3

Awesome well known sludge doom crew with a live version of their 'Wither' track.

utorak, 29. prosinca 2009.

Suffocation (US) - Live-Pennsauken NJ- 7-26-90.mp3

Rare instrumental only track, performed live in 1990.

''Crippled Sick and Starving''

Diabolicus (US) - Battle Beyond The Gates Live.mp3

Old school death/thrash metal from The States.

ponedjeljak, 28. prosinca 2009.

Malignity (Dnk) - Nosferatu

Live song performance by a Danish death metal group of the early 90's.

Hierophant (US) - Autumn Dusk EP.

Ultimate heavy funeral doom metal. Crushing and haunting.

četvrtak, 24. prosinca 2009.

Frogskin - Escargot Highway mp3.

Great rockin' song from Finland's sludgers. Excellent rhythm and filthy disgusting vocals. Super ear friendly.

Enchanter (US, Missouri).

Underground speed metal from U.S.A. Sadly no releases to be found online but here's a preview of four tracks that i got from a friend (thx my man!!).
Really overlooked evil sounding stuff from these guys that were formed way back in '83. Killer tracks!!

Funeral Hag - demo 2009.

Great sludge/stoner doom from United Kingdom. Really heavy, crushing music and screaming vocals emphasis.

Suffocation (US) - Dead Forever bootleg 1992.

Again an offering from the mighty Suffocation.

srijeda, 23. prosinca 2009.

Bands from U.S.A.


Excision - any of demos listed on MA
Unearthed - Sliced to shreds '92
Execration - The dead shall rise '92
Excretion - Excrements '92

Lorelorn - Night Of An Snowy Winter Day.

Occult raw black metal from Hungary. Second track rocks!
No cover art or additional info on this topic.

ponedjeljak, 21. prosinca 2009.

Shunt Incision (Cro).

Few tracks from this one man cybergrind sickness.

petak, 18. prosinca 2009.

Smokemind - Promo 2009.

A little something from me. My self invention of stonerish sludge/drone doom noise on extremely distorted filthy bass guitar. It contains 2 songs and it serves a purpose of promotional material of an underground, raw, inhuman music, not for the wider masses. Listen for yourself and decide how to categorize it.

utorak, 15. prosinca 2009.

Esophagus - Sleep Deprivation mp3.

Another obscure band or a project of unknown origin and insufficient data. Only one track delivery, but here you can expect some raw, filthy, i would say somewhat stonerish doom/black metal. Not something you'd expect in your everyday repertoire.

Endless Disease - Destroy Your Fucking Life.

An unknown but great black metal.
No info on the band origin or a photo cover of any kind.
Obscure, primitive, hateful and violent.

srijeda, 9. prosinca 2009.

Petrified (Fra) - Layers Of Despair 2000.

One of the greatest technical death metal releases from this French band.

Excoriate (US) - Dead Molestation demo 1992.

A single demo of this most awesome US brutal death metal act. Great shit.

nedjelja, 6. prosinca 2009.

Decomposed (NY) - demo 1992.

Excellent and ultra rare demo from New York's Decomposed. Dirty old school, raw US death metal, with bursting grinding parts and low grunts. Extremely hard to find and exclusive to this blog so far.

četvrtak, 3. prosinca 2009.

utorak, 1. prosinca 2009.