srijeda, 28. travnja 2010.

petak, 23. travnja 2010.

Delirium (Hol) - Amputation demo 1989.

Old school death/doom from Holland.

Cianide - Funeral demo 1990.

Pioneers of U.S. death metal with their first demo. There's not much to say about it, a classic...

utorak, 20. travnja 2010.

Exterminance - Two tracks.

Two tracks by this old school beast are named 'Cemetery Sermon' and 'Thorns Of Insurrection'.

ponedjeljak, 19. travnja 2010.

Evoker (Hol) - Insurrection of doom - Demo 1988.

Extremely rare, ancient and forgotten piece from the beginnings of death/doom metal. Raw sounding evil gem from Holland.

Disemboweled Corpse - Black as the Coals of Hell 1994.

Inhuman deathmetal/grindcore from US.

četvrtak, 15. travnja 2010.

Stormcrow---Laudanum--split-ep 2009.

Nice split from two US bands being Stormcrow and Laudanum. One plays a blend of crust death metal and the other one a heavy sludge doom noise.

ponedjeljak, 12. travnja 2010.

Rottrevore - Fornication In Delirium EP 1992.

Very hard to find material from the monstrous Rottrevore. Short delivery but it catches the essence.

Putrid Mass- Crushing The Masses demo 1994.

Second demo from these old school American death metal maniacs that are very hard to come by. Thanks goes to a friend for its contribution. You know who you are! A rarity!

Toadliquor - The Ascension from Heaven single 1998.

Sludge doom from United States.

subota, 10. travnja 2010.


Sepsism - Demo '92
Malignancy - 'Rotten Seed' demo, Rehearsal Demo '96 and 'Ignorance Is Bliss' demo cassette '97
Pains Invention - 'Numb' demo
Decay Of Salvation - any material
Vulpecula (Pol) - 'Excremento Dysenteria' demo
Purge Cannister - anything

utorak, 6. travnja 2010.

ponedjeljak, 5. travnja 2010.

Deathrune - Remain Forever Entangled demo 1995.

Good old school New York death metal. This demo lacks a high quality of sound but that's what adds to the charm of it. It shows their own ideas at the time. Wrapped up in a prominent package.