petak, 31. listopada 2008. - swedish Obscurity show how to play real death metal. Kick ass!! - Immolation pioneers of brutality from US east coast with this promo relentlessly destroying all!! - Polish black/death metal outfit Damnation with full length album Reborn. Very good work.. keep it alive!! - Necrophagia's demo entitled It All Began With a Twisted Dream... let's leave it at that... - this is Revenant, US old shool death metal pioneers and for you ears here's the EP. - Decrepit death metal bringing this EP. - I think this is a mexican band some death/grind here. Venom EP. Creators of black metal from UK.
Perfect old school!! - pretty old death metal from US by Sickness and Beyond Tomorrow demo. Cool!! - swedish black/death outfit Dispatched with their release called Awaiting The End. - some old school death metal from east coast named Deathrune. Great stuff!!

četvrtak, 30. listopada 2008. - 2 of US old death metal gods, Derketa and Nunslaughter split from 1999. Death metal in the US way! - demo '90 from my one time favorite Mortician, horror death grind kings!! Unmatched brutality!! This one is done before they became what they are, a raw unprocessed grind. - Very exquisite death/doom mix from these explorers of the genre, i bring you Necare... - Voodooo Church first studio release of death rock from'82. - Estonian Rattler. Brutal as fuck!! - - pre Sorrow band when they were called Apparition with two demos. - brutal death doom similar to Winter, only from Sorrow. - EP of a german doom band Ophis. Fairly new on scene but still they know how to do it. - here we go with sludge/drone doom metal 4 way split with Thee Plague of Gentlemen, Wuzor, DOM and Sloth. Very heavy stuff. Kick ass!!! - death metal from Turkey. - two demos on Beyond Belief's compilation named Dawn. Ancient Dutch death/doom metal. - more from Vulpecula(US), dark ambient black metal. - some ambiental black metal from the US. - this is South African doom metal band Voice Of Destruction with selftitled EP. - US doomsters Morgion - early death/doom deserving attention. - French doom metal of Astral Rising. - some fierce, heavy, slow and crushing Funeral Doom metal from Finland. Warning: not for the faint hearted!! - some Estonian obscurity from the 90's death metal scene by Discrucior. - a bit gory but that's Lividity with their demo Rejoice In Morbidity. Death metal plus some core sections and off course guttural vocals.
Nicely done. - US Evoken, excellent heavy Death/doom the way it should be. Nuff said. - Lithuanian death/doom at it's best. These guys know their stuff. Very good work!! - excellent demo from these masters from Finland!! Sentenced, hell yeah!! - now we got here a little something of a tough to find piece from US death and doom metal split of fine American bands. Enjoy!! - a litlle death/doom from The Netherlands.
Quite interesting passages. - My Dying bride's first demo bringing dark doom. Awesome!!! - polish black/thrash metal.
Good stuff. - some more Malignancy, their first demo from '93. Kick Ass!!! - Malignancy brutal death/grind from US. - here's something of Napalm death their demo from 1985. - here's another rarity from Darkthrone. Unholy black metal for you dark souls among us. - Hellhammer rehearsal '82.
A dark piece of history.

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