subota, 27. veljače 2010.

Subject - Nihilstic Perspectives demo 1992.

Odd death metal from Hungary. More stranger is their second demo.

Winter (US) - Into Darkness 1990.

Extremely heavy oldschool death/doom giants.

petak, 26. veljače 2010.

Ominous Crucifix (Mex) - Relics Of A Dead Faith.

Third offering from my friend from Mexico. First impressions derived from hearing this black/death metal gem are great. It definitely deserves its place here at this blog. Thank you for your contribution!!! You know who you are bro. Probably your greatest work yet.

četvrtak, 25. veljače 2010.

Disembowelment - Deep Sensory Procession Into Aural Fate demo 1991.

Well known masters of grind influenced death doom metal from far Australia.
'A Burial At Ornans' is a song that stands out on this release and a great soundtrack for a fan of this kind of mayhem.

Sepsism - Severe Carnal Butchery demo 1995.

Pioneers of American brutal death metal, with an awesome demo that made them infamous in the underground. Great name for a band.

Speaking in their name, i was wondering if someone can dig up DEMO '92 of this band... been looking for it for ages now... sure would wish to get my hands on that one. Three demos of them are the best material.

srijeda, 24. veljače 2010.

Intense Agonizing - The Science Of Dissolution Demo 1991.

Death/grind Hungarian style. Demo number one.

Mortuary (Fin ) - Here Won't Be Life Anyway demo 1990.

Old school death/thrash metal from Finland. Hard to find nowadays.

Crematory (Fin) - Confirmed Suffering demo 1989.

Very old, late eighties conception of Finnish death metal on this demo. Rare to come by.

ponedjeljak, 22. veljače 2010.

Desanctified - Manifest Imperium (demo)

Very brutal US death metal with a single demo from 1994.

subota, 20. veljače 2010.

Infection - Live at The Jungle (1994).

Unknown but brutal, raw grinding death metal from U.S.A. No cover or additional information.
The band seems to come from Louisiana area. No formation date or official issues. Just this live delivery of 5 tracks.

petak, 19. veljače 2010.

četvrtak, 11. veljače 2010.

Putrefaction (Rou) - Descending Purity demo.

Another of the Romanian death metal outfits.

Avatar (Rou) - Holy Infection demo 1997.

Death metal out of Romania. Not your average material here. Prime demo of infernal sounds.

četvrtak, 4. veljače 2010.

Annathema (Ser) - Empire Of Noise LP 1991.

Serbian thrash/speed metal that goes way back in early 80's. Second album from 1991., offers some old school sounding thrashy speed metal. This is said to be the rarest album of former Yugoslavia. Only 120 copies were made!!!