srijeda, 30. rujna 2009.

Mortuorio (Per) - Brutal Genocidio mp3. (1989.)

Old school death metal from Peru, with a track that seems to be from their 1989. demo. Raw, brutal underground execution. The stuff of history.

Pathologist - Putrefactive And Cadaverous Odes About Necroticism full album 1992.

A full length by well known Czech death/grind sickos.

utorak, 29. rujna 2009.

Silence (Cze) - Mary demo 1993.

Raw doom/death metal from Czech Republic.

ponedjeljak, 28. rujna 2009.

Defecation Rot (unknown country) mp3's.

Sick goregrind. I know nothing about the mentioned.

nedjelja, 27. rujna 2009.

Dissection (Ltu) - Pyramid Of Hate demo 1993.

Second demo from Lithuanian Dissection. Always good to hear.

Grindmaster Dead (pre-Skyforger) - Stronger Than Love album.

An album by folk influenced death/doom outfit from Latvia.
Superb work.

Sarcoma (Mda) - Necrophagous Lust demo 1992.

Some old school death metal from Moldavia.

utorak, 22. rujna 2009.

Chemical Warfare - Demolition Tape demo 1992. Warfare 1992 - Demolition Tape.rar

Somewhat original old school death metal from Belarus.

ponedjeljak, 21. rujna 2009.

Gods Tower - The Eerie demo 1993.

Pagan doom metal from Belarus. First demo.

Balrog (Blr) - Old Forest's Shadows demo 2002.

One man black metal from the ancient, misty forests of Belarus. Raw, underground and mystical.

nedjelja, 20. rujna 2009.

Sadael - Tracks from a split with Vox Clamantis.

Most alluring, haunting, sinister and ghastly funeral doom metal from Armenia, ready to take you to a next level. Air filled with some of the darkest atmosphere created. A one man sick idea spawned this masterpiece. One of the most inhuman growls to be heard on this thing. Distant and floating. Taken from a split with Vox Clamantis. Personally i think of this in highest opinion. Exquisite!!

srijeda, 16. rujna 2009.

Kremulator - Masakr Na Kolejích demo 2005.

Insane death/thrash/heavy metal from Czech Republic. Great mix of different elements brought together, make this a very effective package.

utorak, 15. rujna 2009.

Gut - Assyfied Pussyfied EP 1992. [EP].rar

Porno gore grind maniacs from Germany.

Shattered - Senseless demo 1993. - Senseless (demo 1993).rar

A bit of Portuguese old school death metal.

ponedjeljak, 14. rujna 2009.

Noothgrush - Kashyyyk demo.

Prime demo from the US sludgers.

Russkaja Zima (Russian Winter) - V Plenu Zimii demo.

Another of the demos by an old school death/doom metal band from Russia. Good old tunes.

Noothgrush - Embraced By The Anti Self 7''

Extremely limited EP from these sludge doom maniacs.

petak, 11. rujna 2009.

September (Swe) - Time Of Darkness demo 1992.

No artwork of any kind from this fascinating doom death metal diamond from the past. Ultra rare and exclusive on this blog, rightfully, it delivers a very dark dose of majestic and hopeless injection of fate sealing doom. Long lost and forgotten, it's finally exhumed as this is probably one of my favorite demos. Sullen and bleak somber anthems, especially on the first song, all the way through soul crushing pace. I decided this is a proper thing to share with you, as most of you haven't heard for this awesome band before. It will not be missed anymore. Enjoy an awesome demo!!! More than recommended!!

Dusk (US) - ...Majestic Thou In Ruin album.

Extremely heavy death doom from the United States. Really fantastic tunes of low, dissonant distortion, heavy growls and overall feeling of eternal demise. Out of this world release. Ultra recommended!!!

Corruption (Pol) - The Ultra Florescence demo.

Worthy death/doom from Poland. Their demo number three served right here. Not bad at all. Sounds old school as it should!!

četvrtak, 10. rujna 2009.

Decemberance - Just A Blacklad demo.

Third demo from a great sorrowful death/doom metal out of Greece.

srijeda, 9. rujna 2009.

Plastična Gamad - Rehearsal 2008. re-post.

Cult rehearsal i did with a friend in 2008. It is comprised of 3 raw tracks recorded in a matter of minutes, in a room, using only sick guitar sounds and spewing some death metal growls along the way. Pretty dark melodies and obscure ideas were used to create this demon with a hilarious side effect from it at the end. This idea was driven by fun. Still it retains some of its occult edge.

Beyond Dawn - Tales From An Extinguished World demo.

Doomy death metal from Norway and it's first demo.

petak, 4. rujna 2009.

Long Winters' Stare - The Tears Of Odin's Fallen

Excellent experimental, symphonic dark metal with elements of death/doom (in terms of growls occasionally used). Full length album by this U. S. band that is very promising and keeps things interesting with plenty of ideas. Recommended release that consumes your senses. Beautiful obscure melodies.

četvrtak, 3. rujna 2009.

Catacomb(Fra) - Morbid Attraction demo 1991.

Old school French death metal with the first demo Morbid Attraction. This is a bit amplified demo than the one posted at raf666 blog, cause it suffers in loudness. It's decently loud this time. Complete obscure, underground monster to be expected here.
Stay in the grasp of darkness with Catacomb.

Astaroth(US) - Drowning In Blood (demo 1992).

From the deepest bowels of Hell this demon has found itself resurfaced here. Incredible heaviness and tight bass overwhelming sound turns your bones to ash. One of the sickest demos i've heard in a while. Astaroth concentrate themselves on this demo to create an atmosphere of doom and soul devouring death metal. This demo will almost certainly make you drown. Highly recommended!!

srijeda, 2. rujna 2009.

A mighty band from Belarus. With themes of death and religion present in their lyrics, this band plays old school death metal in its purest form. A demo dating back to '92, carries the title Resurrected. Rare and valuable release from Exhumator.

utorak, 1. rujna 2009.

Sick and disturbing collaboration of Italian and Czech members in this filthy, raw sludge/drone doom metal band. This post features two demos by Cervix. Really twisted shit.

Ancient underground blackish speed metal band from Italy, in form of only one track i could find from 1983.
So great stuff existed back then too.