petak, 11. rujna 2009.

September (Swe) - Time Of Darkness demo 1992.

No artwork of any kind from this fascinating doom death metal diamond from the past. Ultra rare and exclusive on this blog, rightfully, it delivers a very dark dose of majestic and hopeless injection of fate sealing doom. Long lost and forgotten, it's finally exhumed as this is probably one of my favorite demos. Sullen and bleak somber anthems, especially on the first song, all the way through soul crushing pace. I decided this is a proper thing to share with you, as most of you haven't heard for this awesome band before. It will not be missed anymore. Enjoy an awesome demo!!! More than recommended!!

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This is a great & very dark example of DEATH Metal - thanx very much for sharing!! BTW, very cool blog (keep it up!), and also thanx for Paroxia, Maimed, Orion, Sickness (swe), Murrain, Solomon Kane (!!!), Expurgate and other stuff!!! Was just too lazy to comment on each - forgive me^^

entity kaže...

thanks for your appreciation of my blog and i'm glad you like the posts. I'll try to do my best in the future too as the old school must not be forgotten. I'm pleased to see you found something for yourself and enjoy!!