četvrtak, 29. listopada 2009.

Pains Invention - Enmity demo 1996.


Now here's an unconventional death metal representative from U.S. This demo unlike most other old school material holds something unique to it. Some deeper senses of inner recognition, deep emotions, and overall dark, heavy music entwined all together. Something very different to expect here.

utorak, 27. listopada 2009.

Mindrot - Demo 1990.


Great first demo by Mindrot. Old school doom/death metal from the States.

ponedjeljak, 26. listopada 2009.

Cruel Suffering - Rehearsal Demo 1999.


Raw funeral doom rehearsal from Russia. No artwork or additional info about the band. Check MA for some updates.

nedjelja, 25. listopada 2009.

Pathological Deformity - Infectious Psychosis mp3.

http://www.storage.to/get/19PGlcBI/pathological deformity - infectious psychosis.mp3

I know nothing about this band but this is a track from their demo. Sick, chugging, slow and extremely heavy death/grind/gore with guttural vocals. i don't know what country are they from, no any info about them for that matter. Their full demo would come in handy. I personally like this type of grind, not that ultra fast stuff. Listen for yourself and see if you'll dig it too.

utorak, 20. listopada 2009.

Paineater - 2 tracks

http://www.storage.to/get/KK2HBN2m/Paineater 2 tracks.rar

Awesome industrial sounding death/doom from U.S.A. A band with a history spanning back to the late eighties, made two demos and split up. More in the domain of death/grind genre early in its stages, here with a fresher influence from such acts as Godflesh. Killer stuff!! Will appeal to fans of that kind of taste.

nedjelja, 18. listopada 2009.

Morpheus Descends - Cairn Of Dumitru Sampler single 1994.


Awesome display of old school death metal by these fellows from the U.S.

srijeda, 14. listopada 2009.

Suffocation (Spain ) - Brutales nauseas [Demo] 1991

http://www.storage.to/get/RDAc2BcH/SUFFOCATION (Spain)-Brutales nauseas [Demo] 1991.rar

Old school death metal with grind influences, spewing a single demo of 1991., before changing name to Intoxication.

Stentorian - Spirited Light[Demo] - 1994

http://www.storage.to/get/AAi5WRVn/Stentorian - Spirited Light[Demo] - 1994.rar

Their second demo and of good quality. Solid doom/death metal.

Grief - Depression 7'' (1992)


Excellent sludge doom metal by Grief on this 1992. EP.

Covered In Ashes 2002 - Grim Shadows (Demo)


A relatively new band in doom metal genre comes from The Netherlands and has put out only a single demo you see here. Expect death doom with a dose of occult and majestic feel to it.

nedjelja, 11. listopada 2009.

Pyogenesis - Sacrificious Profanity EP 1992.


A single from German old school death doom metal.

Enochian - Satanic Ceremony Demo [1995].


Very good blackened death metal on the Satanic Ceremony demo by Czech Enochian. This first demo sounds more death metal oriented than the following releases of otherwise black metal band.

četvrtak, 8. listopada 2009.

Unhallowed (Esp) - Something In My Inside demo 1994.


Spanish old school styled death metal.

Officium Triste - demo 1994.


Good first demo from Dutch death/doom metal crew.

utorak, 6. listopada 2009.

Gorplough - In Valle Tenebrarum demo 1995.


Doom/death metal from Spain.

nedjelja, 4. listopada 2009.

Mourning Beloveth - Debut demo.


First demo by Irish death doomsters. Good stuff.

petak, 2. listopada 2009.

Forgotten Sunrise - Forever Sleeping Greystones EP


Continuing with this next gem from Forgotten Sunrise.

Forgotten Sunrise - Behind The Abysmal Sky demo 1993.


Perfect atmospheric doom/death metal out of Estonia. It runs dark in your blood.