četvrtak, 28. siječnja 2010.

četvrtak, 21. siječnja 2010.

January 20th 2010. Joe Ptacek takes his life!

With great sadness and emptiness in my heart and soul, the news of Joe Ptacek's death has struck me. What a great and personal favorite death metal vocalist he was. No words to describe this loss for Broken Hope's legacy. My thoughts are with him. REST IN PEACE and your greatness will be remembered!!!

subota, 16. siječnja 2010.

Dusk (Hun) - Fight of The Soul demo 1995.


Great Hungarian black metal masterpiece. Nice quality with high pitched,peculiar screaming vocals and not so fast drumming often heard in this genre. Very appealing.

utorak, 12. siječnja 2010.

Hearse (USA) - All Soon To Be Dead 2003.


A compilation of demos by acclaimed creators of the new sub genre called 'Funeral Metal', in their own sense. Essentially this is a nice example of slow, gloomy death metal of the nineties style.

ponedjeljak, 11. siječnja 2010.

Bulldozer (Ita) - The Day Of Wrath 1985.


First album by long running, great Italian black/speed metal outfit. Really accessible and dark at the same time. These guys knew what they were doing when creating this kind of fusion.

Frogskin/Taunt split.


Excellent release by sludge doomsters from Finland and Germany.

subota, 2. siječnja 2010.

Sleep - Demo 1990.


American stoner doom metal old timers.