utorak, 30. ožujka 2010.

Hellwitch - Rehearsal Demo 1989.


U.S. old timers Hellwitch with the rehearsal demo. Great underrated band from the same era as Death. Technical thrashy death is what you get here. Sound suffers a bit but it's still excellent. Extremely hard to find in today's time.

Rottrevore 1991- Copulation of the Virtuous and Vicious (EP 7'')


Old school death metal gods of United States with a hard to find release that reeks of putridity.

utorak, 2. ožujka 2010.

13 - Hollow EP 1993.


Awesome 2 song single from this great sludge doom female outfit. 'Bound' rules!!!

Pessimus - Prayer To Fire demo 1993.


Exotic sounding death metal from Lithuania. Some industrial touch in there and somewhat robotic voice.