nedjelja, 18. srpnja 2010.

Execute (Swe) - Demo tracks 1982.

Very old but great Swedish traditional speed metal. The sound isn't so clear but the idea couldn't be more awesome.

ponedjeljak, 12. srpnja 2010.

Magus - Ruminations Of Debauchery EP 1992.

Unbelievable blend of slow doom with intense bursting death/grind, by this unique band that uses violins, violas and keyboards in its presentation. So filthy and grim. A must hear, one of the more original bands out there, but unfortunately disbanded after only six months, way in the early 90's. Truly obscure.

petak, 9. srpnja 2010.

nedjelja, 4. srpnja 2010.

Thy Grief Eternal - ...On Blackened Wings EP (1992).

Aforementioned band while it had a different name through its phase, but with a hint of what was to become Electric Wizard. Still doomy death metal with a touch of stoner. Cult.